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Infest is a roguelike deckbuilder where you manipulate the battleground Pixel-by-Pixel. Every pixel is physically simulated to burn, freeze, corrode, shock, and melt. Deploy a carefully-crafted deck to unleash impressive chain reactions on the alien infestation!

Turn-based battle combined with realtime physics.

Fire, Oil, Ice, Poison Gas, Water, Seeds and Growing Plants are just a few of the elements you’ll have to strategically navigate.

Customize your deck and upgrade cards along the way. Make sure it is well balanced to handle a variety of environmental effects. Can you melt ice? Can you stop mutant plants? Foresight is key.

Deal damage card by card, when your stack is exhausted the enemies get their chance to attack! They will create defensive barriers, throw damage cards at you, buff themselves and heal others! Anticipating their moves and playing the right card is key.

Choose your path through the alien universe. Each run is different so you can replay many times without getting bored. Besides the playable levels, you’ll encounter shops, hospitals, and dozens of different bonus challenges. Picking the right path is key to survival.

Pixel by pixel simulated physics
Roguelite style permadeath
Dozens of side-rooms, shops, hospitals, mini-challenges
Dozens of playable cards
Dozens of playable levels with procedural generation
Advanced tech tree for leveling up cards
Achievements and Steam Cloud