Bunny Sword! Strategy / Walkthrough


The main goal of Bunny Sword is to destroy the enemy’s queen bunny. The enemies are represented by blue bunnies and the pink enemy queen will be found heavily defended at the enemy’s base. 

(An enemy Queen surrounded by blue enemy bunnies)

Conversely, if your own queen is killed, the game is lost.


The brown king bunny is your main controllable character. His health is indicated in the top right corner of the screen. If the king bunny is killed the game is not over, he will respawn near the queen after a cool-off period. The enemy also has a brown king bunny that will wage attacks on you. His sword attack is stronger than the worker bunnies.


Early on, the goal should be to build up your base so that you can defend your queen and expand your bunny army. The enemy will send attacking parties periodically so it is important to be prepared. Be sure to prioritize which resources will be collected. Collecting food, water, and wood to build houses for more bunnies is crucial in the early stages.


The worker bunnies in your army can be assigned one of three roles via their respective +/- buttons:

ATTACKERS: follow you (king bunny) around the battlefield and fight with you. (Represented by Sword Icon)

DEFENDERS: Remain at the queen’s side to defend her against incoming enemies. (Represented by Shield Icon)

HARVESTERS: Venture out into the battlefield in search of resources to harvest. Harvesters automatically gather food, water, wood or stone, which can then be used to build structures in your base. ( Represented by Carrot/Water/Log/Rock Icons)

(The top left menu is used to manage bunny roles)


Building mode is accessed by pressing B on the keyboard. Build up your base to increase the max amount of bunnies in your army, as well as to defend it against incoming enemy invasions.

Available buildings:

Wood House – Adds +3 bunnies to your army. Cost: 50 Food 50 Water 50 Wood

Stone House – Adds +8 bunnies to your army. Cost: 100 Food 100 Water 100 Wood 100 Stone

Bunk House – Adds +20 bunnies to your army. Cost: 200 Food 200 Water 200 Wood 200 Stone

Wood Wall – A weak defensive barrier. Cost: 10 Wood

Stone Wall – A strong defensive barrier. Cost: 10 Stone

Small Spike Trap – A small damage trap. Cost: 50 Wood

Large Spike Trap – A large Damage Trap. Cost: 120 Wood

(Building Menu and Available Resources)


Once you have expanded your base and army, it is time to wage an attack on the enemies. You may first choose to kill the enemy’s harvester bunnies in order to slow their growth. The balancing act of offence and defence is the main strategy of the game.

Attacking is done by using the J K L and I keys on the keyboard. Each attack is different:

Quick Attack (J Key) – A short quick attack with relatively low damage

Medium Attack (K Key) – A slightly longer attack with more damage

Lunge Attack (L Key) – A high damage attack that lunges you forward

Circular Attack (I Key) – A low damage attack with a high damage radius

Performing a circular attack with large damage area

Attack the enemy base strategically. It may be wise to first destroy their buildings instead of going directly for the queen. It’s possible the enemy will build defensive walls and traps so you might need to evade them first. 


-Queen bunnies have a lot of health. Do not wage an attack against an enemy base without a strong army at your back.

-The enemy will periodically send raiding groups to attack your base. Do not wait too long before building defences.

-The best time to attack is as a counter attack, when some of the enemies resources have been depleted.

-If you attack an enemy, all of your attacking workers will join the fight. Do not start a major battle until you are ready.

-Worker bunnies that have been killed will slowly respawn at the queen.

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